Gameplay Change(s):

  • Characters:
    • ~570 characters added as as a result of the new elemental system
    • 6 elemental versions per character
  • Elemental System:
    • The class system has been replaced with the elemental system:
      • Water
      • Wind
      • Fire
      • Earth
      • Light
      • Dark
    • Elemental advantage:
      • Increased damage when advantageous
      • Decreased damage when disadvantageous
    • Elemental Traits
      • Each element influences the type of skills creatures have.
  • Energy bar
    • Speed now determines the rate in which your party members acquire turns.
    • Blinks in a different color when it's reached the capacity needed to take a turn.
  • On New Game:
    • Starting character varies slightly.
    • Starting world varies.
  • Skill tree nodes:
    • Visual update
    • Effects and values reworked
  • Orb Zone:
    • Effects and values reworked
  • New Effects:
    • ~50+ new effects added
  • Passive Skills:
    • Most have been replaced to encourage more active battle decisions.
  • Dungeon Raid:
    • Raid the dungeon of a multi-elemental floor in the outerworld for rewards
    • Multi-battle adventure

Stat Change(s):

  • Max HP increases at a greater rate per Lvl compared to ATK.
  • All creatures have a 10% base Crit Chance.

Quality of Life Change(s):

  • Info pop-ups fade away faster when the mouse cursor stays still.
  • Interface pop-ups only show if you slow your cursor over a relevant icon.
  • New game option to start a fresh file.

Audio Change(s):

  • Added more sound effects to approach a more lively battle environment
  • Ambience:
    • Added to most worlds
    • Volume can be adjusted in settings

Game Acess Change(s):

  • Due to the size the game has reached browser play has been removed. (There are loading issues otherwise)


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