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Ranked 8th in the Myths and Legends game jam


It has been a brief period since the original kidnapping and marriage of the Greek goddess, Persephone. Since then, Persephone has served as Queen of the Underworld as well as a goddess of vegetation; always for six months at a time. While she is above ground, mankind experiences spring and summer. While she is in the Underworld, mankind endures fall and winter. 

One evening while surveying her kingdom from the window, reflecting on who she was and who she is now, a sudden rumble interrupts her thoughts. The palace shakes, the tremors continue, each more intense than the last. She heads to the throne room only to find the throne of her husband, Hades, empty. A spirit shows up to tell Persephone that Hades has already headed to the source of the rumble – the Titans. 

The Titans of Antiquity, the primordial predecessors of the gods, have emerged from their prison and intend to reclaim their long-lost throne and wreak havoc on mortals and gods alike. They have been far away from their home and lost from the memories of mortals, but not for long. 

Persephone is Queen of the Underworld; therefore, the Titans are her and her husband’s joint responsibility. But because Persephone is the goddess of vegetation and responsible for nurturing the earth and preserving human life, she is doubly inclined to act.

How to Play

Z (or SPACE) - Jump

X - Interact

Arrow Keys - Move Left/Right


Programmer: 1StepCloser

Environment Art: Viky Shen

Character Art: Jaumander 

Intro Illustration: Shoze

Writer: Sweets

Design: Joe Stallings (Quadratic Games)

Music and SFX: Jenny Shen


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